Research To Practice Series, Institute of Child Protection Studies

Excellence in Research and Evaluation

The Research to Practice Series has been published since 2013, with 18 issues published and freely available to anyone who wishes to access them. The Institute of Child Protection Studies conducts research and evaluation    on a broad range of topics. The Research to Practice Series translates this research into information that is easily understandable by practitioners from a range of backgrounds working in a broad cross sector of the community. The series draws on the findings of research to promote best practice in working with children, young people and families and educate community workers on the perspectives, ideas and needs of client groups.

Through the Research to Practice Series, the ICPS takes their best practice, child & young person focused research and turns it into something practical and relatable. This means the research has a real opportunity to significantly influence governments, organisations, and youth programs which use an evidence base to inform their policies and practice.

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