Trevor Preston

Trevor Preston is a youth support officer at Lyneham High School, and is a qualified youth worker and librarian. He is committed to the development of young people, and improving life outcomes through lifelong learning. His commitment to young people is evident through his history of supporting young people, first through working with young people who were experiencing homelessness or in detention, supporting them to access sustainable housing, and improving their educational and employment outcomes. He then moved to an educational setting ten years ago, working at Wanniassa High School for almost 9 years, before moving to Lyneham High School.

Trevor provides quality, strengths and evidence based, responsive practice to young people within the high school environment. Trevor manages the complexities of young people’s stories with compassion, insight, innovation in approach and agility to his service provision. Trevor is renowned in the school atmosphere for ensuring wrap around support to young people and their families, and seeking meaningful service outcomes and responsive service supports for all his clients.

Trevor places young people at the centre of his practice, annually reviews the welfare requirements of his school community, and allows young people to self-determine what will work best for them. He also supports them to identify fun, inclusive activities that will help connect young people with each other and support services. He is a diligent researcher and applier of action learning, which enhances his capacity to work with complex needs including mental health, AOD and trauma, and provides insightful, current and meaningful practice to all of his support work with young people.

Joshua White

Joshua White is a youth worker at Kingsford Smith School, and for Josh, the students at his school always come first. He approaches students with calmness, understanding and empathy. Regardless of the situation or what else he has to do, his students know that when he is speaking with them, they are his main priority.

Josh excels at building rapport with young people, identifying their individual needs, students and linking them with supports based around their strengths. If Josh can’t find the right support, then generally, he creates it. One of Josh’s greatest strengths is involving others in the support of his students. Whether it’s a new group or club, or linking them with a service that can think and move outside the box, he calls on contacts and connections from previous work and makes miracles happen for the young people he supports.

Josh is described by colleagues as someone who is “in a league of his own”. He is enthusiastic, passionate, energetic, humble, generous, positive, committed, courteous, eternally encouraging and humorous. He is a leader in positive initiatives not just in his school, but also in the local community, partnering with organisations to facilitate after school programs for students, and supporting events such Wear It Purple Day and White Ribbon Day.

He is recognised by school staff and community partners as someone who is willing to learn, and committed to professionalism. However, this would mean little if he did not have his students on his side. Josh embodies the skills every youth worker should possess, with his friendly personality and ability to develop trust with young people. It is impossible to walk with Josh through his school without young people waving and calling out, knowing they will receive a welcoming smile from someone who genuinely cares for them in return.